Dentist for kids in Montreal

At the FAIRMOUNT DENTAL CENTRE, children don’t have to dread a dentist appointment! We aim to make their experience as pleasant as possible through a friendly and caring approach. By establishing a bond of trust with the child and making him feel comfortable, we hope he even wants to come back!

Children’s dentist: A positive experience

We are convinced that if a child has a good experience during his visits to the dentist, and this, from an early age, it is very likely that he will maintain the habit of going regularly to the dental center to receive care when he is an adult. However, we know that dental cleaning and other preventative care makes all the difference in long-term oral health.

Did you know that fear is the number one reason adults don’t make an appointment with their dentist? This can lead to serious consequences as problems that do not receive attention worsen and become painful, in addition to being more difficult and costly to treat. We, therefore, take care to create a reassuring environment so that children do not develop this fear.

To do this, we like to welcome them warmly, explain the procedure to them and provide our care gently. We also allow parents to sit near their child during the procedure.

Preventive dentistry for children: an investment for life!

Since prevention is better than cure, the prevention of dental disease and the establishment of good hygiene habits in children occupy a central place in our vision. We, therefore, make a point of educating our young patients well, especially on brushing their teeth, flossing and eating. Plus, dental check-ups should start as soon as the first tooth appears! We strongly recommend that you bring your baby for a routine check-up around their first birthday, and then come back every six months. Thus, we put all the odds in his favour so that he keeps beautiful teeth all his life!

The FAIRMOUNT DENTAL CENTRE offers a wide range of specialized pediatric services. During routine checkups, we will check your child’s growth and health, oral hygiene and gum health, bone development, and teeth and jaw alignment, among other things.

Our team uses digital and panoramic x-rays, as they produce less radiation while providing clear images of your child’s mouth.

Offered services

  • Dental exam for children and babies
  • Routine examination and cleaning
  • Composite filling (white filling)
  • Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Pulpotomy
  • Urgent Care
  • Conscious sedation

All it takes is good oral hygiene, healthy eating habits and regular visits to the dentist to keep your child’s smile sparkling!

Make an appointment with a dentist for children

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